Omnia Paraiba Perfume

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Omnia Paraiba Perfume by Bvlgari, Experience the serene divinity of this cool, refreshing scent of omnia paraiba by bulgari . This tropical mist will let you escape the busy world of the city, bringing you to the relaxing scent of paradise. With the breeze of its scent that gently revitalizes the body, this fragrance will surely give you a one of a kind refreshing look. This summery-inspired fragrance is an invigorating creation that is composed of fresh and luscious bigarade oranges intertwined with the sugary smell of passion flower and fruit. It also has a touch of brazilian gardenia together with the earthy fragrance of the vetiver and the bitterish accent of the cocoa beans that adds more flavour to the pleasant note of the sugar cane. Omnia paraiba is inspired by one of the most unique gems on earth. Having known of bulgari’s extraordinary success in the jewellery industry, it is fancy to know how bulgari associated the two: its gems and the scent. No wonder its 40ml bottle is shaped like its inspiration, the paraiba tourmaline of brazil, a rare copper-bearing gemstone with an exceptional shade of neon blue. With its long-lasting fragrance and icy-looking aura, you can’t go wrong with this fruity-floral scent. Bulgari is one of the oldest italian luxury and jewellery companies in the fashion industry. They market and produce a variety of product lines including watches, fragrances, accessories, and the like. Founded by sotirios voulgaris in 1884, the company’s name has been derived from him, changing its letter “u” into “v” as they follow the latin alphabet. A fashion powerhouse for 132 years, the company has grown and established their name in the fashion industry making them widely known all over the world.

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