Dana brand

Dana is a perfume brand first established in Spain in 1932. Javier Serra – a former executive director of the brand perfume in Spain Myrurgia business market moved to Paris in Dana short time. Dana brand name is set to “Danae” – mother of Perseus in Greek mythology. Danae with heavenly beauty and become a symbol of feminine beauty. The company’s logo is a Spanish artist – Mariano Andreu designed the stylized shape of the face is a beautiful woman.

The first fragrance of oriental Dana characterized Tabu was named the talented hands of expert perfumers Jean Carles created. Currently, characterized perfume Tabu still produce classic and is one of the best-selling products of the brand. Dana brand continues to give birth to a number of other classic perfumes between the 1930s and 1950s, including the fragrance for men “Canoe” and “English Leather”, the fragrance for women “Ambush”

The company moved to the US in 1940 when the German occupation of France.

Dana Perfumes improved over time and become the product is much loved on the market today. The company also bought the rights to produce several lines of classic fragrances of others, such as Chantilly (originally produced by Houbigant), Love’s Baby Soft and a series of line collection Love (originally produced by mem) and Toujours Moi (original Corday, later that of Max Factor). Dana was sold to Renaissance Cosmetics cosmetics company in 1994. When the company fell into bankruptcy in 1999, the company is New Dana Perfumes perfumes and after this acquisition, changed its name to Dana Classics.

Dana Classics continues to produce the original line of Dana Perfumes. In addition, the company also re-introduce some favorite perfume as many years Toujours Moi Heaven Scent and for customers with a modern style.

Dana perfume firm has about 30 fragrances, fragrance first launched in 1921 and the latest fragrance line launched in 2010. The company Dana collaborated with the perfumers Jean Carles and Loc Dong.

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